Reinforce your company culture and recognize employees with Hoppier Rewards, where every milestone can be celebrated. Work anniversaries, onboarding, birthdays, wins, losses - creativity is the limit.

Why you need a Rewards Management Software

Hoppier helps you create reward programs your employees will love, in minutes

Recognize and invite your employees

Invite your employees to the Hoppier platform to accept their reward. We’ll send out a recognition email directly to celebrate the moment.

Add or restrict any vendors you like

Your team can start spending immediately

Recognized employees start spending

Your recognized employees can start spending immediately in a way that benefits them the most, through their virtual stipend card.

Your employees feel valued

91% usage on issued Hoppier Rewards

Create your first reward program in minutes

Name your reward program and approve vendors for spending. Determine the budget for this reward program and set it!

Full control over budget and spend

Approve vendors your employees will love

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Your rewards are not reinforcing your company’s core values

Your team does not have the same needs or preferences

Your employees don’t really care about the rewards you give for recognition

You don’t have time to offer personalized rewards

Recognize your employees for any moment by offering rewards that matter. Give your employees a virtual stipend card, which can be spent on any online vendors you make available.

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Show your employees how much you care with meaningful rewards

“79% of employees who quit their jobs claim that a lack of appreciation was a major reason for leaving.”

OC Tanner research

Employee recognition is not just about making people feel good. It has a significant impact on key business metrics, including engagement, retention, and productivity. 

Giving recognition isn’t natural, it’s awkward

This is what meaningful recognition looks like

Your employees will         hoppier

“Hoppier helped us get >93% in our benefits and perks utilization in 60 days with no admin work.”


Sarah, Vice President HR




San Francisco, USA

1000+ vendors, 1 platform

The best part?  If hoppier is not perfect for your team we’ll refund you in full

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