Thursday, October 15th 2020 - 1:00 PM (EST)

45 minutes

5 Creative Ways to Reward & Recognize Your Remote Employees

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79% of employees who quit their jobs claim that a lack of appreciation was a major reason for leaving.

This webinar will show you how to recognize your employees' contributions and achievements in a way that doesn't feel awkward or forced.

Employee recognition is not just about making people feel good. It has a significant impact on key business metrics, including engagement, retention, and productivity.

Join us and learn how to build the strong, positive culture you have always strived for.

You’ll learn

Meet your hosts

How to assess your team's needs

The pros and cons of running performance-based, membership-based, and event-based reward programs along with their ideal use cases.

How to measure peformance when using rewards as a recognition mechanism.

Cassy Aite

Cassy Aite is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hoppier. Cassy has started over 10 different companies and previously worked as a consultant in North America and Central Europe supporting many of the Fortune 500 and Europe 50 with digital transformation projects.

Jeremy Parker

Jeremy Parker is the Co-founder and CEO of, the best place for companies to buy quality promotional products that you'll actually want to keep. They work with 5,000+ companies including Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and Tik Tok.  They are #218 on the 2020 Inc 500 (fastest-growing companies in the US).

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5 Creative Ways to Reward & Recognize Your Remote Employees

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